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Friday, October 5, 2018

Realsky dss download

Realsky dss

GET_DSS: C/C++ code for extracting DSS/RealSky images. Last updated Sep Please read the section concerning restrictions on use before  What is GET_DSS? • - How does it all work? • - What restrictions are there. In order to use RealSky images with SkyMap Pro 5 or later, you must download and install a set of support files: Click here to download (kb). Run the . RealSky is the name of a commercially available, digital photographic sky atlas. It is a subset of the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) and was published in by.

Will Software Bisque be offering the RealSky CD product in the future? Software Bisque does not own the RealSky DSS data, nor does it. THESKY CAN'T CREATE DSS IMAGE FROM REALSKY. ISSUE. When attempting to Create DSS Image from within TheSky, instead of being. [Archive] Realsky DSS images CD's Software and Computers.

DSS RealSky. From the menu: Setup → Pictures → DSS RealSky SkyChart can display FITS-picures for any place in the chart. This window is. The only code I'm currently using from Getimage is the code that actually takes a RealSky/DSS 'tile' (a x pixel square) and decompresses it to a buffer.